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Encouraging disability normalisation through humour and representation.

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My brand carries the message that every single body is beautiful, powerful and complete. 

I am a business student, content creator, actress, model and AVID coffee drinker. And as you may be able to tell, I like to live a colourful life with a variety of work. I am one of the most determined passionate people you may ever meet.

I just also happen to have a disability. 

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I was born with no fingers on my left hand, and so I struggled to find confidence for the majority of my life. As a child, my mum put me into acting, dancing and gymnastic clubs to encourage my development, yet I still accepted that I was less than those around me due to my disability. Growing up in this world, I never saw models on the runway, celebrities on the red carpet, actors in movies or creators online who looked like me. Our view of beauty is led by the examples we are set by society in all areas of our culture. How should it feel when society tells you that it rejects your body, and that the beauty standard is not you?

Well, I didn't allow myself to chase acting jobs because "they won't want to have my hand take away from the character or storyline, they won't want to write it in", or chase being a model because "they won't want my hand preventing sales as I'm undesirable." Not even posting my content openly because "everyone will just make fun of me." 


Fast forward to today, I am proud to be the confident, creative and content person my little younger self would be proud of. 

I have been creating content for almost 2 years, surpassing 350k Tiktok followers, now signed to a talent agency which dedicates their efforts to representing people who are beautifully unique and have worked with some of the worlds leading brands in their campaigns. Studying business and marketing at the University of Liverpool, I create engaging content with real results, as well as a real positive impact on society. 

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We need a change, and I want to change this, by encouraging disability normalisation in society, through making people smile and working my little nubs off.

I implement my philanthropic goals into every aspect of my life. Representing people who are different, creating avenues for people to discover how truly able they are and seeking out better efforts by brands to be diverse and inclusive.

Disability is still underrepresented despite around 20% of people having a disability, we are poorly represented in all areas of society. My experience as disabled Tiktokker has taught me that so many people out there still feel like they can’t love themselves due to feeling unattractive, alone and incomplete. WE MUST ACT.

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Being kind and unapologetically you is the only way to live.

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